All you need to know about eyewash stations

In an environment that involves working with corrosives, there are bound to be screams, disfigured facial burns, and in extremes blindness, ulcers, scarring and blisters. In fact, according to studies, the seconds that follow an eye injury or chemical spills are very critical in minimizing damages. Therefore preventive safety programs ought to be put in place to offer a prompt response. One way of establishing this is by having first aid kits at the location along with emergency showers and eyewash stations, and a rescue squad among others very important things.

Important questions to consider in installation

While having a chemical spill response kit for safety on location is the first indication that a company values the safety of its employees, the task does not merely end there. How well do your employees know how to react to emergency situations? How about the management? Do they know where these devices are located and how to operate on them? Also are there any rescue teams in place to attend to the injured employees in good time?

What to consider when installing such devices

 There are various factors that need to be considered when you are putting together emergency showers and eyewash stations and other first aid kits. While cost is often the first thing people look at, it shouldn’t be the case because in the end such a purchase will pay off as when you install an eyewash station you will be saving a lot of money in lost work time as employees usually go on leave to seek medical attention which impacts the profitability. Consider training employees in the handling of such equipment and maintaining them. Also, these equipment need to be within the standards set by the regulatory body. Additionally, the location should be an area of concern as such kits ought to be stationed in a place where they can be located easily.

You must do regular testing

It’s no secret that the emergency showers and eyewash stations can go unused for prolonged periods. As a result, it is recommended that these devices are tested after intervals of certain periods from enviro as this is the only way to make sure that in the event of an emergency the devices will be able to function as should.

Are they necessary

If you are still debating on whether shower station is necessary or not, you will need to consider a couple of factors to determine it. First, look around if there are any hazardous chemicals in the workplace. Consider how many people will be in contact with the area, and if there are any isolated workers. If the number is large you definitely need these kits. Some of the places that are a must have for emergency showers and eye wash stations include laboratories, high dust area, dipping areas and dispensing areas

There are many benefits that come when the health of workers is put first. Installation of first aid programs such as oil spill kit installations and eyewash stations is the first step to upholding safety. Visit for more information.

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